For the House; Against the House: _____ is Dead

5 - 15 January 2023, Tanglin Shopping Centre,
Art Experience

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We must forget in order to remain present, forget in order not to die, forget in order to remain faithful.”- Marc Augé, Oblivion

For the House; Against the House returned for the Singapore Art Week 2023 with two new motions up for debate. Through a unique debate format where art illustrates the arguments, OH! worked with collectors to present selected works from their collections alongside new commissions from Singapore and international artists.

Set to _____ is Dead, the third iteration of the show presented a double bill explored the mortality of two cherished concepts The Museum is Dead and Desire is Dead conceptualised by Singaporean curators John Tung and Adele Tan respectively. Taking place within Tanglin Shopping Centre –  a mall scheduled for enbloc – the exhibitions’ manifestation at the site went beyond their topics of inquiry, revealing the entanglements between Singapore’s ubiquitous shopping malls and our cultural identity. 

In an epoch defined by excesses of time, space, and individuality, we are also barraged with obsolescence and erasure: it must be gone for us to remember; must it die so as to live forever?

What do desires and the museum have to do with Tanglin Shopping Centre? Take a read here to find out. 

This edition of For the House; Against the House had two motions up for debate. Click on each motion to learn more about the debate and its artists and works behind them.


Curated by John Tung

  • Joanne Lim (Singapore)
  • Michael Lee (Singapore)
  • Miguel Aquilizan (Philippines)
  • Mit Jai Inn (Thailand)
  • Thitibodee Rungteerawattananon (Thailand)
  • Wantanee Siripattananuntakul (Thailand)

Jim Amberson
  • Gaston Damag (Philippines)
  • Priyageetha Dia (Singapore)
  • Moe Satt (Myanmar)

Michelangelo & Lourdes Samson Collection
  • Annie Cabigting (Philippines)
  • Geraldine Javier (Philippines)
  • Grace Tan (Singapore)


Curated by Adele Tan

  • Joshua Kon (Singapore)
  • Kray Chen (Singapore)
  • Liana Yang (Singapore)
  • Marla Bendini (Singapore)

Shi’ai Liang Collection
  • Irene Chou (China)
  • Jimmy Ong (Singapore)
  • Kara Inez (Singapore, courtesy of Ken-Hin Teo)
  • Natisa Jones (Indonesia)

The Yan Collection
  • Guo-Liang Tan (Singapore)
  • Khairullah Rahim (Singapore)
  • Zulkhairi Zulkiflee (Singapore)

Artist/Curator Loans
  • Kray Chen (Singapore)
  • Susie Wong (Singapore)


Panel Discussions

The Museum is Dead
Moderated by John Tung with featured curators including Berny Tan, Michelle Ho and Syed Muhd Hafiz.

Desire is Dead
Moderated by Adele Tan with invited speakers Yanyun Chen and Zulkhairi Zulkiflee.

Curator Tours

The Museum is Dead
Led by curator John Tung, audiences were guided through the exhibition where they were prompted to rethink purpose of the museum in today’s context.

Desire is Dead
Led by curator Adele Tan, audiences were guided through the exhibition in exploring the playful juxtaposition of the presented works and unspoken pulse of desire.

Volunteer-led Tours

The Museum is Dead
Led by OH! Volunteers - Hao Yang, Koon Yen and Shin Dee.

Desire is Dead
Led by OH! Volunteers - Hao Yang, Koon Yen and Shin Dee.

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