We are driven by our desire to tell stories that would otherwise disappear in Singapore's ever-changing landscape. But our unique programming takes ongoing financial support from supporters like you if it is to happen every year.

Because you believe in what we do. Because you know that our local artists can show you something different about where we live, who we are – we are counting on your support. Make your donation today.

“Even though I had lived here [Singapore] nearly all my life, I had not been to Potong Pasir till I participated in OH's event organised there in 2016. I was moved by that experience which captured the history and feel for the neighbourhood with evocative art installations. Potong Pasir has since been etched in my sense of place in this country. OH! plays a valuable role in fostering memories and feelings for our community.”

— Hsieh Fu Hua, chairperson of BinjaiTree, patron of OH!



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We rely on volunteers to make things happen. Your gift can buy them (digital) training workshops.


Art shows aren't just made out of love, they require artists, designers, programmers, and resources.


We would love to thank the following people, and those who wish to remain anonymous, for the generous support given to OH! Open House over the years.

Founding Sponsor


Agatha Udeshini Xavier
Akash Mohapatra
Anais Chen
Andrew S Robertson
Ang Si Min
Anil Christopher Mohan
Annie Chew
Anthea Ong Lay Theng
Anton Nedved
Arjun Soni
Arjun Vivek Nagarkatti
Berny Tan Li Min
Bhaskar Surendra Upadhyaya
BinjaiTree Foundation
Camila P. Rabello
Chan Keng Chong Randy
Chen Han
Christophe Mayol
Chua Li Hui Grily
Chua Siew Eng
Chua Teefenson Chuang
Creative Eateries Pte Ltd
Cultural Matching Fund
Cynthia Wong Yuen Chinn
Daniel Sedelmaier
David Lavery
David Ogilvy
Deepak Rangoonwala Amritlal
Darric Seow Choon Sin
Emily Tan
Eugene Poh
Francis Wong Tai Yin
Ginga Petroleum
George Kypraios
Gergana Stoynova
Goei Beng Kong Alan
Göran Seifert
Guo Yixiu
Hervé Paul Jacques Pauze
Hiroko Seki Arahari
Hsieh Fu Hua
Huan Ting Ang
Janine Tran
Jaslyn Therese Ng
Jason Foster
Jaymz Yong
Jeraldine Wee Qi Mian
Jessie Koh
Jim Chaw Chia Jun
Joleen & Simon Redpath
Katharine Melville
KC Corporate Solutions
Keith Chia
Kelli A. Hayes
Kendall David Welbury
Klaus Duss
Koh Woon Teng
Kostetskaia Stanislava
Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple
Lau Siew Keong
Lee Foundation
Lee Gek Ling
Lee Pui Kwan
Lee Xin Li
Lee Yi Lin
Leon Markham
Leong Mei Fang
Lim Chee Han Mike
Lim So Geok
Lim Sulin
Lim Yi Hsien Sara
Linda & Albert
Lisa & Herve Pauze
Mark Alexander McGeoch
Martha Chaudhry
Mellford Pte Ltd
Mohamad Zaki Bin Jumahri
Moxie Communications
Murugaiyan Rajkumar
Narbutaitis Tomas
Naseem Jumabhoy
National Arts Council
Navin Amarasuriya
Ng Chiew Keng

Nu.Reflections Pte Ltd
Nur Nadhirah Binte Ithnin
Patricia S Y Loh
Pek Sin Choon Pte Ltd
Phang Shueh Yen
Philip Hayward
Practice Theory
Randy Yeo
Reed Lucy Ferguson
Ronny Tan Chong Tee
Sabiha Sultan
Sarah Mineko Ichioka
Sarah Tan
Sarbhai Sagae Munishprasad
Saurav Sen
Scott Spirit
Singapore International Foundation
Soh Lejun Sheryl
Spirits Castle Pte Ltd
SymAsia Singapore Fund – Yong Hong Kong Foundation
Tan & Au LLP
Tan Ean Kiam Foundation
Tan Junhao Desmond
Tan Kah Gek
Tan Puay Hin
Teo Eng Siong
Teo Kah Chee Rachel
Terry Clontz
Theresa McCullough
The Ryan Foundation
Waypoints Pte Ltd
Wendy Ting Huong Nee
Wong Teng Xiang Edmond
Woon Wei Seng
Yeo Gek Wah
Yeo Gun Tong
Yong Ming Chong
Yvonne M

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