OH! Open House is an independent arts organisation that tells alternative stories of Singapore through art. Since 2009, we have provided more than 20,000 people with the unique experience of appreciating art and heritage outside of museums and galleries – from strangers’ homes to underutilised public spaces. We work with artists to present art in unconventional locations, or in surprising new ways. Through our diverse programmes, OH! creates opportunities to understand and connect with the everyday on a more meaningful level.


We offer programmes that combine art and heritage. We put artworks that respond to spaces they are housed within i.e. they are site specific – they tell stories of the spaces they are housed in and/or can only be best experienced within those spaces. We offer:

Art Walks
We are experience specialists. Nobody does tours like we do. In the format of guided tours, audiences get to step into private homes and spaces to see museum-worthy artworks. Art exhibitions can leave audiences feeling disconnected – art-speak can be intimidating; or else people use art as selfie backdrops. In this sense, heritage walking tours can connect visitors much better with the neighbourhoods, with our spaces. What differentiates us with heritage walks is that you don’t just learn, you experience through the art and the stories that lie within. Today, our art walks remain unique and popular despite that free heritage and art trails are dime in a dozen. Close to 5,000 ticketed guests visited our 2018 edition in Emerald Hill.

Art Experiences
We have turned terraced houses into museum and artworks. We have converted HDB staircases into galleries – you get to start from the highest floor, make your way down, with each floor encompassing a different work, a different story. Whilst transforming spaces with artworks, we give audiences a chance to explore Singapore and learn about her.


Provide Alternatives
Provide alternative ways to experience art, outside of museums and galleries.

Give Opportunities

Give local artists opportunities to experiment with site-specificity – to unlock or even create new meanings to our everyday spaces.

Challenge Audiences

Challenge audiences to think deeper about the immediate environment they inhabit, and the larger context of Singapore.


“When I first moved to Singapore, I shifted with my few belongings into a shophouse. I wanted to use the space better, so I invited an artist, Xiao Yun, to do something. All I gave her was a house key. No guidance, no parameters. I enjoyed the process and final installation so much, I thought, “Why don’t my neighbours do the same thing?” Alan [co-founder] was the first person who not only loved the idea, but wanted to do it. For our first few art walkabouts, it was just Alan and me with a part-time team. Today, we have a full-time team, and we are an Institute of Public Character. We continue to bring art out of museums and galleries and into our everyday spaces, bringing art to the public. Most importantly, we give artists opportunities to lead national conversations – to question our way of life, to chart our way forward.”  

— Oliver Bettin, Co-founder, Chairperson


“I like seeing regular paraphernalia from the school classrooms and the residents’ own decor amongst the exhibits… Each OH! Open House event I’ve managed to attend has been memorable and different...”

–– @Pickleandpepper, Audience, OH! Emerald Hill

“I have always appreciated OH! for its courage to challenge Singapore. I would even use the word ‘radical’, for the fact that it made art walkabouts a thing in a tightly-regulated city, and introduced art into neighbourhoods where some people do not even have the slight interest to step into a museum to look at art. It forces artists to explain art to (sometimes illiterate) kopitiam uncles, and forces yuppies to listen to stories about back alleys and people whose voices are small and forgotten. It forces the exchange between the unlikely, ruffle some feathers, and get us thinking.”

–– Lim Qi Xuan, Designer and Sculptor, worked with OH! in 2015 – 2016


Oliver Bettin

Oliver is the Managing Director and Global Head of Business Controls for Fixed Income and Currencies at Deutsche Bank, where he has worked for the past 18 years in various positions across Trading and Risk Management in London, Geneva, New York and Singapore.

Alan Oei
Member and Executive Director

Alan is an artist-curator whose work and projects examine the intersection of art history and politics. As an artist, his work has been shown in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA. He was previously the artistic director of Singapore’s first independent contemporary arts centre, The Substation.

Linda Neo

Linda has a career span of more than 30 years as an institutional broker in the over-the-counter markets for financial and energy markets. Together with her husband, they are keen art collectors with a portfolio of modern and contemporary of Southeast Asian artists. In their private artspace they curate their own collections which have been loaned to museums in the region.

Lisa Robins

Lisa is the Head of Transaction Banking at Standard Chartered. Her international banking career spans over 25 years working across Europe, the USA, and Asia. Lisa is ranked as one of Top 20 Women in Finance by Finance Asia in 2011, and was awarded Transaction Banker of the Year by both The Asian Banker in 2013 and The Asset in 2014. 

Philip Morgan
Philip started his career at the BBC and spent many years in UK broadcasting before becoming the Controller of Operations for the world’s first entirely digital direct-to-home satellite TV service. Later, he was a consultant with a Government of Singapore Research Institute and subsequently joined one of its video software ventures as Chief Operating Officer.

Ryan Su
Ryan is Head of Art and Cultural Property Law at WMH Law Corporation and represents museums, galleries, artists and art collectors. Ryan was awarded the Patron of the Arts in 2017. Most recently, he was invited to the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum’s acquisition committee on Asian art. Ryan is also Contributing Editor at ArtAsiaPacific.

Tan Kheng Hua
Kheng is an award-winning actress and producer in Singapore. She is seen in the movie Crazy Rich Asians, where she plays “Kerry Chu”. Kheng has also created and produced festivals such as The SIN-PEN Colony at the Georgetown Festival in Penang and The 20-Something Festival in Singapore.




Lim Su Pei
Assistant Director
Su Pei has over ten years of experience working for the arts industry. Under the umbrella of The Old Parliament House Limited (nka The Arts House Limited), she has managed international and regional arts-business programmes held locally and across the continent in South Africa and Eastern Europe.

Kirti Bhaskar Upadhyaya
Assistant Curator
Kirti received her degree in History of Art from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London. She is passionate about modern and contemporary Asian art, with a particular interest in art that addresses colonial histories. She investigates the complicated histories and narratives of Singapore through her work at OH!

Daniel Chong
Assistant Curator
Daniel is heavily invested in the ideas of feeling as a form of knowledge when approaching art. He hopes to find alternative ways of producing and understanding art. While also an artist, his research lies loosely within the expanded field of sculpture.

Carissa Low
Marcomms Manager
Carissa is passionate about storytelling through art and making art more accessible to the average person. She is also interested in tech and its increasing role in art and museum spaces. She has over a year’s experience in a communication agency working with international brands.  

Tang Hui Shi
Community & Partnerships Manager
Hui Shi received her degree in Business Administration at NUS, and has two years of experience in Myanmar where she set up a travellers' hostel. She enjoys striking up conversations and discovering stories from people of all walks of life

Marvin Lee
Marcomms Intern
Marvin is drawn to visual aesthetics, stories of the everyman and music. He aspires to increase awareness of the local arts scene and make it approachable to Singaporeans. He has a strong interest in interactive mediums of art and storytelling such as video games and interactive films and how they challenge the definition of art.
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