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The gates of hell open and spirits roam the earth. During the Hungry Ghost Festival, we make space for the dead amidst the living. Altars pop up in public spaces and smoke from burnt offerings lingers in the air. For this moment in time, death is a part of everyday life.

Artist Eugene Tan reflects on life and death in his practice. Follow him on his journey as he develops a new work. In August, September and October, you will receive three offerings from him. Each gives a unique insight into his artistic process. End your journey with a pop-up exhibition in November where you will meet the artist and explore new work.


25 August 2018 - 25 November 2018

Season Pass for $30 / pax

(excluding ticketing fees) 


Each season pass entitles you to:

3 ‘Offerings’

A small parcel or equivalent containing unique insights into an artist’s process.

For example, this might be an object for you to consider, excerpts from a sketchbook or a story, a link to a secret website or something else entirely.


1 Exhibition Invitation

A chance for audiences to come together to see the work they supported. For this iteration, the exhibition will happen in November. Location, dates and time to be confirmed closer to the date. 

The artist for this iteration is:

Eugene Tan Yan Zhi

Eugene Tan (b.1992) received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore. His practise deals with mortality, memory and image-making through digital mediums. He is particularly interested in the Internet as a medium for storytelling and aesthetic experiences. Currently, Eugene is examining contemporary grace spaces and the way people think about death in today’s society. His work has been exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Your Mother Gallery in Singapore.

Practically Grave System (PGS), 2017. 
Single channel video with audio, interactive app, tablet, alumnium structure, plastic chrysanthemum flowers.

You can see his other works here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this programme about? 

Singapore Calendar is a new, seasonal programme. For each iteration, an artist will develop a work inspired by a significant date in Singapore’s yearly calendar. The first iteration focuses on the Hungry Ghost Festival. Artist Eugene Tan considers how we wish to be remembered in the Internet age and invites you to participate in his journey.


How does it work?

Singapore Calendar: Hungry Ghost Festival will begin on August 25th and end in November. The programme works on a subscription basis. By purchasing a ticket, you are entitled to three monthly ‘offerings’ from the artist and an invitation to a final exhibition. The ‘offerings’ could take the form of a package, secret website, or anything else the artist can imagine.


Why are you doing this?

Singapore’s calendar is marked by many significant dates. We started with a simple question - how do we change during these moments of time? On National Day, there is red and white everywhere. During religious festivals, we swap our jeans and shirts for traditional clothing. Small gestures that mean big things.

We want to explore these dates further. How do we mark them with different rituals, traditions and thoughts? Many artists have reflected on these questions in their own work. We are inviting them to start a conversation about it.


What do we hope to achieve? Why should you support this programme?

Through this project, we wanted to bring artists closer to their audiences. This programme isn’t about a single encounter with an artwork. Instead, it is about building a long-term relationship with an artist and their works. You will get to be a part of the artist’s journey, learn about their inspirations, experiments, participate in the making of their work and keep a part of this unique experience (the offerings!) with you.


When will I received the offerings?

You will receive the offerings between 25 August & 25 October 2018. 


When will the pop-up exhibition be?

The exhibition will take place in November. The exact date and location will be revealed closer to the time.