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Is this a new art walkabout?

No, this is not an art walkabout.

It is a new programme that is not tied to any particular location. Instead of space, we’re exploring different periods of time.


What is this programme about?

Singapore Calendar is a new seasonal programme. For each iteration, an artist will develop a work inspired by a significant date or time period in Singapore’s yearly calendar.

This first iteration is centred on the Hungry Ghost Festival. 


How does it work? 

The programme will last four months.

For the first three months, the artist will send audiences 3 ‘offerings’, which offer an insight into their art-making process as they develop a work. These 'offerings' can take the form of secret messages, mystery boxes, etc. The programme will end with a pop-up exhibition in the final month.

The first offering is free. If you are keen on following the artist’s journey as they further develop their work - you can get a ticket.

Ticket holders are entitled to two exclusive ‘offerings’ and a specially created experience of the final public exhibition.


What is an 'offering' and when will I receive it? 

It is a message from the artist! It gives you an insight into their process. We can't tell you exactly what the 'offerings' will be though, as they are surprises that could take any form the artist imagines. 

The first offering from artist Eugene Tan will be launched on 25 August. This will be accessible to the public for a limited period of time. 

Ticket holders will receive two additional, exclusive offerings in September and October.


Where can I find the first 'offering'?

You can find it here. 


When and where will the pop-up exhibition be?

In November! The exact date and location will be revealed closer to that time.


What do you hope to achieve? 

We want to bring artists closer to their audiences.

This programme isn’t about a single encounter with an artwork. Instead, we want audiences to build a long-term relationship with an artist and their works that lasts beyond this programme. 


Why should I support this programme?

It is a unique opportunity to be a part of artist's journey; learn about their inspirations, experiments and participate in their work. You also get access to exclusive content!