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Art In Your Own Home (AIYOH)
Open Call for Artists


About the Programme

With a passport in your hand, you have the power of belonging. To a new country as a visitor, for a moment in time. To your own nation, always. But this document only details the most objective, basic aspects of our identities. A name. A birth date. A photograph. A nationality. Is this really all it takes to belong?

AIYOH is a new programme by OH! that invites artists and local residents to collaborate and create stories together. It begins with a local residency and ends with a presentation of newly created work by the participants. The first iteration, starts in November 2018 and wraps up in March 2019, will focus on the artistic theme of identity and citizenship.

This call is open to artists and creatives of all backgrounds. If you’re interested, send us your CV, portfolio and a one-page artist statement on how your practice relates to the theme via

The deadline is 4th November 2018.

As a participating artist, you will

Be paired with a local host and a curator.

The hosts will be locally based, but not necessarily Singaporean. They are people with an avid interest in the arts, but may not be artists or creatives themselves. They will have their thoughts on what the theme means to them.

Be expected to work collaboratively with the hosts to create a final presentation.

The curator will support and facilitate this process. The format is fluid - it could take any form you and the host are comfortable with, but it will be ticketed. It must run for at least six sessions over the month of March.

For example, you might create an artwork and organise a tour around it. Or perhaps, plan a tea and chat session so audiences get to learn more about you, your host and the artwork. It could also take a more theatrical or participatory form. It’s up to your imagination and comfort level.

Receive an artist fee and a separate production budget.


November 2018: ‘Matchmaking’ Stage

Artist interviews will take place from 5th - 23rd November 2018.
Interviews will be conducted by the OH! team & participating hosts.
Shortlisted artists will be paired with a host they connect with.

December 2018 - February 2019: Residency Stage

Artists and hosts are expected to meet regularly during this time
and work collaboratively towards a final presentation.
Dates and frequency of meeting are dependant on the various parties involved.
For example, this can vary between a one week stay at the host’s home or four sessions of hourly meetings.

2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31 March 2019: Final Presentations

Artists and hosts will present their work to audiences.
This can be expressed in a variety of ways, e.g. photography, installation, performance, poetry and textiles.


Is this a neighbourhood specific programme?

No! AIYOH can take place anywhere. It depends on where your hosts live and the kind of spaces that resonate with both them and you. Your final work doesn’t even necessarily need to be displayed in their home. It can be somewhere in the neighbourhood that matters to you both.

How many sessions of the final presentation must we run?

A minimum of 6 sessions with 20 guests per session.

Do I have to be present for every session of the final presentation?

Yes. Both the artist and homeowner must actively participate in the final presentation. Interacting with and sharing your story with audiences is a key part of the programme. How you interact with the audience is up to you, your host and curator to work out together.