Is this a new art walkabout?

No, this is not an art walkabout. It is a new programme that is not tied to any particular location. Instead of space, we’re exploring different periods of time.

What is this programme about?

Singapore Calendar is a new seasonal programme. For each iteration, an artist will develop a work inspired by a significant date or time period in Singapore’s yearly calendar.

This first iteration was centred on the Hungry Ghost Festival. Now, Liana Yang & Robin Chua are responding to Labour Day.

How does it work?

The programme lasts four months. For Singapore Calendar: Labour Day, one ticket entitles you to go on three quests designed by the artists and to their final show.

For the first three months, you’re in control. You will receive instructions for the quest via email and it’s up to you to when you want to complete it within 10 days of quest launch. The quests lead you to a secret location in Singapore where you can pick up a zine by the artists.

The final show takes place in May. We’ll tell you more about it April via email. You’ll get to choose when you’d like to attend it then.

What is a quest?

A challenge set out by the artists to get you out and about in Singapore!

Your quest begins with a challenge. Solve it for a clue which will lead you to a secret location where you can collect a zine by the artists.

The challenges are quite simple. The quests and zines are designed to get you thinking about the questions and ideas that interest the artists!

How will I receive my quest?

We’ll send you instructions and clues via email. Do provide us an email that you frequently check!

I didn’t get any emails about quests.

The email might be in your spam folder. Do check it. If you still can’t find it, get in touch with us at

I can’t find the final location the quest is leading me too, help!

Give us a ring at +65 8657 2013 or email us at We’ll help you out.

Can I get the quest reward without completing the quest?

No. The quest reward, a zine specially created by the artists, can only be attained when you finish the quest. It’s like playing a video game – you can’t save the princess without meeting and defeating the dragon.

When and where will the final show be?

In May! The exact dates and location will be revealed closer in April. We’ll email you with updates, so again, check your inbox!

What do you hope to achieve through the programme?

We want to bring artists closer to their audiences.

This programme isn’t about a single encounter with an artwork. Instead, we want audiences to have different ways of interacting with and understanding of an artist and their works.

Why should I support this programme?

It is a unique opportunity to try something new each edition with different artists. You get to see things through their eyes and participate in their work. You also get access to exclusive content!
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