‘MA’ 間, 2024

MX’s Studio

The truth is in-between.“ — Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1725)

‘MA’ 間 is a site-specific installation that explores the many untold and hidden stories of Kampong Gelam. The term ‘MA’ 間 comes from a Japanese concept focused on the interplay of gaps in space, time, and between elements. Inspired by the architectural features of MX’s design studio — notably its cracks and crevices weathered over time — the installation dances with the sublime as it glows in a resinous amber. The artwork, at first visible only through minute fractures in the walls, leads eventually to an enveloping façade that offers a glimpse of a beauty that is still out of reach.

‘MA’ 間 is a meditation on how emptiness and negative space can shape how we perceive the world and invites viewers to realise the truth in-between.


Jane Lee (b. 1963, Singapore) is a prominent Singaporean contemporary artist known for her wall-based works that blur the lines between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional. Her painting practice probes the boundaries of the medium by investigating its basic elements and subverting their traditional usage. Foregrounding the tactility of her materials, Lee creates illusory works that challenge the limits of our perceptions, often capturing a sense of liberation and boundlessness.

Lee has participated in exhibitions worldwide, including Jane Lee: Red States, a critically acclaimed solo exhibition organised by Sundaram Tagore Gallery at the Hong Kong Arts Centre (2018); In Praise of Silence at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute Gallery (2023); and Lila: Unending Play by Jane Lee at the Singapore Art Museum (2023). Lee completed two residencies at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2016 and 2020.

Jane Lee

Site-specific installation with rosin and acrylic resin
Dimensions variable

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