Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation, 2024

Hothouse (Aliwal Arts Centre)

We experience and remember spaces differently. What would a space look like if our collective memories were gathered and made visible for one another to witness?

In this interactive video game installation, Hothouse transformed their studio into a hybrid Memory Palace-Theatre. As audiences wander through a virtual scan of the space, they encounter and activate the memories and impressions of four artist-traceurs: Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Rafi Abdullah, Ruby Jayaseelan, and Safuan Johari. Each of them responds in unique ways to the locale of Hothouse and Kampong Gelam, from Kerem’s subterranean exploration of drainage pipes to Rafi’s speaking birds, from Ruby’s animate trees and spirits to Safuan’s sonic reimaginations of Teater Ekamatra’s rehearsals.

Tracing different memories and offering speculative perspectives, the artwork invites us to consider the other lives of Kampong Gelam beyond what is seen.

***Geometria Situ: Traces and the Poetics of Translation is an Internal Practice (IP) conceptualised, curated and developed by Singapore-based Hothouse—a symbiosis of three entities—creative design agency Currency, speculative architecture research lab formAxioms (fXØ) and new media art collective INTER–MISSION. It was first presented as part of Singapore Art Week 2024, with support from Teater Ekamatra and the National Arts Council.

Hothouse (est. 2020, Singapore) is a site for exchange between artists, creatives, businesses, and local and international audiences. External to institutional frameworks, the humid ecologies of the greenhouse foster productive encounters for the deployment and reinforcement of critical and long-form creative practices. Hothouse does not shy away from speculation, excess, ambivalence, redundancy, ambiguity, inefficiency, etc. Today, it maintains a technological transdisciplinary focus with an international and intergenerational perspective through its signature programme of residencies, events, and publications.
Hothouse (with Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Rafi Abdullah, Ruby Jayaseelan, Safuan Johari)

Interactive video game installation 
Dimensions variable

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