For the House; Against the House

22 January 2021 - 31 January 2021, Art Experience

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For the House; Against the House looks at social issues in Singapore through a unique debate format where art establishes the arguments. In conjunction with the private art collections of Jo and the DUO Collection, curators John Tung and Syed Muhd Hafiz set propositions eliciting contemporary responses through new artwork commissions.  

The propositions set forth by the curators were:
  • Passion Made Impossible: Should we have our own ambitions in Singapore? by John Tung
  • Judging Labels: Are they useful? by Syed Muhd Hafiz

In both experiences, guests were guided through select artworks from the private collections and new commissions, before the experience culminates in a live debate.

In addition to the physical experiences, a free digital experience was also offered, consisting of two interactive text-based games inspired by the propositions. The digital experience saw players making choices to reach one of many outcomes. Players were encouraged to replay the many scenarios and experience all the branches that the experience had to offer.

This event is part of Singapore Art Week 2021.

Judging Labels

Artists from the Collection
  • Choy Weng Yang
  • Goh Beng Kwan
  • Ho Ho Ying
  • Teo Eng Seng

Commissioned Artists
  • Aisha Rosli
  • Faris Heizer
  • Masuri Mazlan
  • Shen Jiaqi
Passion Made Impossible

Artists from the Collection
  • Ali Esmaeilipour 
  • Martin Constable
  • Nadiah Bamadhaj
  • Tang Da Wu

Commissioned Artists
  • Felicia Low
  • Nino Sarabutra
  • Wong Lip Chin

Designers: Factory

Art Experience

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