Days — and counting

30 October 2020 - onwards, Online Art Experience

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Days — and counting is an on-going portrait of COVID-19 that captures the surreal and strange times we live in through the lens of art and artists. The programme unfolds in three seasons each taking the form of an immersive digital experience that explores our new reality under the pandemic.

The digital art walk takes the metaphor of a dream. The seasons mirror Singapore slowly awakening and having to adapt to new measures and an inescapable reality. These experiences unpack the effects of COVID-19 on a personal and collective level.

Season 1: Walls Crumble
Walls Crumble explores the idea of home during the circuit breaker as a teletext adventure, a now defunct service that allowed Singaporeans to get information such as news, stock prices and weather on the television. Audiences can traverse a surrealist narrative of a sleeping man’s dreamscape via multiple teletext channels, and encounter artworks by local artists:

  • Ang Kia Yee
  • Hunny & Lummy
  • Kevin Fee
  • Pat Toh 
  • Tristan Lim 

The season debuted on 30 October 2020, and ended on 31 December 2020.

Season 2: The distance between us
The distance between us is the second season of OH!’s three-part digital art walk on the effects of COVID-19 on Singapore. The season investigates how we now experience ‘distance’ has changed, for example how we maintain and find new relationships in a pandemic. Seven local artists respond to the way distance manifests in our current reality:

  • Denise Yap and Lynn Lu
  • Ezzam Rahman
  • Berny Tan 
  • Churen Li, Hell Low, Subhas Nair, Tim De Cotta, and Weish
  • Tan Kheng Hua (in collaboration with Bailey Wait, Lim Shi-An, Robert Wait)
  • Yen Phang

In this experience, audiences will continue to explore the story in the Sleeping Man (first shown in Season 1)’s bedroom over four episodes. Each episode will feature new objects in the Sleeping Man’s bedroom that reveal new artworks and narratives. Each episode will also be available only for a week at certain times to enhance the viewing experience.

The experience debuted on Friday, 19 February 2021 and ended on 30 April 2021. 

Season 1 Curators: Alan Oei, Daniel Chong
Season 1 Web Development: Eugene.tyz
Season 2 Curators: Alan Oei, Kirti Upadhyaya
Season 2 Web Development: Keith Chia

Designers: Factory

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