OH! 2019


OH! Stories

January 2019 onwards

In collaboration with a local tech company, we bring to you OH! walking tours enhanced by AR technology. Experience the tours any time, any day, one story at a time. Your donation will support the development of different alternative stories we’ve uncovered.


Singapore Calendar
– Labour Day

February - May 2019

Time tells us stories beyond public holidays. You can subscribe to artist Liana Yang and DJ Robin Chua’s investigation of Labour Day on 15 December, or you can donate to support other investigations throughout the year.



March 2019

This document only details the most objective, basic aspects of our identities. Is this really all it takes to belong? Examine the issue of identity and citizenship through pop up art experiences across the island. By donating, you’re helping artists to fully realise their proposals and buying our volunteers food.



September 2019

It has been 10 years since our founding. We are currently working with our army of volunteers and artists we’ve supported over the years to conceptualise the celebration. Your donation will help us realise the ideas!