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Every neighbourhood has a story. 

Artists transform houses. Strangers open doors.
And you’re invited to come inside.

Since 2009, OH! has brought 20,000 people on our annual art walks. Every year, we uncover the secret lives of a different neighbourhood in Singapore. We’ve put art in swanky shophouses and HDB flats. We've visited the old world charms of Tiong Bahru and entered the glass-and-steel monoliths of Marina Bay.

This is the secret life of Singapore – through the eyes of our artists.

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OH! Emerald Hill (2018)

Discover the story of Emerald Hill through secret tours, art, and performances in homes and private spaces.

Emerald Hill, a former nutmeg plantation, is a perfect illustration of the relationship between botany and commodities that circulate the Empire. But there is a dark side too. Scientific exploration exists alongside exploitation of new lands. Valuable crops are stolen, smuggled and monopolised. The colonial still haunts us.

Explore, collect and piece together your very own story of Emerald Hill in 19th century Singapore.

ARTISTS / Anthony Chin / Allison Low & Ho Wai Kit / Ang Song Nian / Evil Empire / Gilles Massot / Isabelle Desjeux / Jimmy Ong / Ju Ae Park / Kayleigh Goh / Kent Chan / Lenne Chai / Mamakan / Nabilah Nordin & Nick Modrzewski / Robert Zhao Renhui / Tan Kheng Hua / Weixin Chong / Zarina Muhammad / Zen Teh

Good OH! Holland Village (2017)


What is Holland Village to you?

If you've been in Singapore long enough, you'll associate Holland Village with these words: “expatriate, angmoh, atas, Sarong Party Girls...” Yet, the Holland Village of today is brimming with Westernised Singaporeans rather than Westerners. It's surrounded by HDB flats populated with local Singaporeans – it has been for years.

THE CHIP BEE TOUR takes you through the former colonial estate that still feels like another place, another time. You’ll begin with the walk-up apartments and end in a terrace house, encountering artworks along the way. If you love architecture and nostalgia, this is the one for you.

THE HDB TOUR explores domestic life on the fringe of this once trendy haunt. "Please stay where you are, I think you fit best there," said Samantha, on national radio about heartlanders coming to Holland Village. It makes you wonder why Holland V, the long- running Channel 8 drama, never talked about exclusivity, expats and enclaves.

THE HAKKA CEMETERY TOUR is a thoughtful exploration of the passing of time. We recommend this for individuals who like traveling solo, and want to discover things on their own. Expect to go it alone, as you will be separated from your friends, and dispatched to the unknown.

ARTISTS / Anthony Chin / Dorcas Ng / Ezzam Rahman /Grace Tan / Green Zeng / Ivan David Ng / Joel Chin / Kevin Fee / Khairullah Rahim / Koh Hong Teng / Kray Chen / Liana Yang / Lynn Lu / Melinda Lauw / Toh Hun Ping / Vanessa Lim /  Yen Phang / Zen Teh

OH! Potong Pasir (2016)


Here are the departed spaces – from quarry to pond to garden to who knows what. Here is the smell of new paint mixed with nostalgia. New paths and old ways. Sheltered walkways and ski-slope roofs. People make do; we always do.
14 artists exhume these histories, leading you from the bridge with the best view, to 4 HDBs, a black and white colonial, and ending in Bidadari, the former cemetery.

Best known as Singapore's longest-held opposition ward, Potong Pasir's landscape has been subject to numerous changes over the past century. In a neighbourhood undergoing intense construction and upgrading, the walk drew parallels between its urban and political transitions.

ARTISTS / Ang Song Nian / Evil Empire with Berny Tan, Bjorn Lee Varella, Cally Tan and Chelsea Cheng / Guo Yixiu / Hafiz Osman / Michelle Lim / Ong Kian Peng / Randy Chan / Robert Zhao Renhui / Tan Peiling / Tan Wee Lit

OH!pen Call / Potong Pasir (2016)

OH!pen Call was an experimental satellite programme running alongside OH! Potong Pasir, exploring the possibilities of meaningful community engagement in our everyday spaces.

Seven art and community projects were installed in the public spaces of Potong Pasir – in void decks, up staircases, in the Community Club and so on. The projects were installed for a total of sixteen days and were free for the public to enjoy. 

FuturePresentPast / Artizens
HOP; in the Heart of Play / Lai Wei Min & Phoebe Zoe Ho
(HOUSE)plants / Joscelin Chew & Megan Miao
Meet-the-People Session / Adrian Tan & Jennifer Ng
Pock Pock Rock / Justin Tan Jianyang & Tay Ining
Tommy's Place / Elvis Wang
Two Storey Poetry / Lorraine Lee & Matthew Crawshaw

OH! Joo Chiat (2015)


Lovers quarrel, signboards stolen, lines drawn, territories marked but always in flux – Joo Chiat's story is impossible. Not new, not old, not Tiong Bahru. It defies you. Wander through shophouses, back alleys, secret gardens, and even a hotel.
12 artists lead the way. Meet us at No Man's Land.

A survey of a complicated neighbourhood populated by diverse communities – a space that is more than just Peranakan shophouses and Vietnamese food.

ARTISTS / Alecia Neo / CK Kum / Evil Empire & Felicia Liu / Guo Yixiu / Hafiz Osman / Kum Chee-Kiong / Mark Thia / Mike HJ Chang / Randy Chan, Fiona Tan & Zenas Deng / Sean Lee

OH! Marina Bay (2013)


Does money really make the world go round? 13 artists occupy the high-powered corporate world. Enter the banks, the boardrooms – go from the bright lights of upstairs to the darkness of downstairs and then to who-knows-where; this is the secret universe that breathes another life. Welcome to the Bay.

Exploring the financial district of Singapore, this edition highlighted both the optimism and the absurd, darker undertones of our urban planning.

ARTISTS / Eeshaun / Evil Empire / Frayn Yong / Green Zeng / Joy Ho / Mintio / Nguan / :PHUNK / Sherman Ong / Shubigi Rao / spell#7 / Studiokaleido / Tan Peiling

OH! Tiong Bahru (2012)


No we're not protesting. But we're sending in 15 artists to occupy 6 houses, a temple and some shady back alleys. What happens when gentrification meets long time community – is there more to our city's hippest area?

A cheeky, sometimes mournful look at the rapid change and gentrification of this art deco neighbourhood.

ARTISTS / Ang Song Nian / Cindy Salim / Giles Massot / Green Zeng / Isabelle Desjeux / Jying Tan / Lavender Chang / Marc Gabriel Loh / Mark Wong / Patrick Storey / Race Krehel / Sokkuan Tye / Stephen Black / Zhao Renhui


OH! Marine Parade (2011)


Imagine real lives, real stories. 12 artists transforming 5 flats. Welcome to Marine Parade.

The 2nd edition incorporated the history and geography of the HDB heartlands into the cramped confines of 5 flats and in-between spaces.

ARTISTS / Clare Marie Ryan / Jes Brinch / John Low / Lynn Lu / Marc Gabriel Loh / Mark Wong / MessyMsxi / Michael Lee / Teng Yen Lin / Terence Lin / Willy Tay / Zhao Renhui

OH! Niven Road (2009)

Like an art block party, the first edition took art out of museums and galleries, and put it in 6 shophouses along Niven Road as well as nearby Wilkie Edge. The works were curated around these radically different interiors and alongside homeowners' existing art collections.

ARTISTS / :phunk / Andre Tan / Ang Song Nian / Charlotte Cain / Delia Prvacki / Eudora Rusli / Eunice Woo / George Wong / Ho Tzu Nyen / Jason Wee / Kosuke Misawa / Lynn Lu / Marisa Keller / Milenko Prvacki / Patrick Storey / See Chean Tee / Vertical Submarine / Xiao Yun Ong

COLLECTION OF ART FRIENDS / Ahmad Zakii Anwar / Cheong Soo Pieng / Mor Mor / Tresna Suryawan / Rodelia Cerda / Mao Xuhui / Yunizar / Ryo Naruse