OH! Niven Road

Like an art block party, the first edition took art out of museums and galleries, and put it in 6 shophouses along Niven Road as well as nearby Wilkie Edge. The works were curated around these radically different interiors and alongside homeowners' existing art collections.

ARTISTS / :phunk / Andre Tan / Ang Song Nian / Charlotte Cain / Delia Prvacki / Eudora Rusli / Eunice Woo / George Wong / Ho Tzu Nyen / Jason Wee / Kosuke Misawa / Lynn Lu / Marisa Keller / Milenko Prvacki / Patrick Storey / See Chean Tee / Vertical Submarine / Xiao Yun Ong

COLLECTION OF ART FRIENDS / Ahmad Zakii Anwar / Cheong Soo Pieng / Mor Mor / Tresna Suryawan / Rodelia Cerda / Mao Xuhui / Yunizar / Ryo Naruse