THE CHIP BEE TOUR takes you through the former colonial estate that still feels like another place, another time. You’ll begin with the walk-up apartments and end in a terrace house, encountering artworks along the way. If you love architecture and nostalgia, this is the one for you.

THE HDB TOUR explores domestic life on the fringe of this once trendy haunt. "Please stay where you are, I think you fit best there," said Samantha, on national radio about heartlanders coming to Holland Village. It makes you wonder why Holland V, the long- running Channel 8 drama, never talked about exclusivity, expats and enclaves.

THE HAKKA CEMETERY TOUR is a thoughtful exploration of the passing of time. We recommend this for individuals who like traveling solo, and want to discover things on their own. Expect to go it alone, as you will be separated from your friends, and dispatched to the unknown.